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Monday, July 24, 2006


We got back to Massachusetts on Friday and wanted to make a big huge final post with all of our video and pictures, but then we fell asleep for four days instead.

Actually, we found Christina her apartment, but here are 4 videos we made in the meantime! (Note: this is not the final post, although it is big ad huge. We'll put in a proper final post from the road trip soon!)

First: Chicago

Fun times at the Museum of Science and Industry, Millenium Park, other things.

Second: Indianapolis

We didn't take a whole lot of video, but we got to drive around the track they race the Indy 500 on!

Third: Car Trouble

The car wouldn't start! Leslie fixed it with some help from her dad. (Norwalk, OH)

Fourth: Niagara Falls

Canada is pretty sweet.


Anonymous Mom and Grandpa Stu said...

These are great videos! I'm watching them with Grandpa Stu in Ventura before his doctor's appointment. He liked Chicago - the Chicago Theatre is in it. He and Grandma Jaydee saw Peggy Lee and Victor Borge there in the 1940's after WWII.

He also liked the Indianapolis Speedway where he saw the 500 in the 1960's.

Now he's complaining the seat is too hard (at Starbucks). "The mind can absorb only what the ass can stand." That may mean we're signing off soon.


2:29 PM  

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