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Sunday, July 16, 2006

pictures from before chicago

After we went to the world's biggest mall and hung out with Chris Lange:

we went to the Wisconsin Dells and went to America's largest water park! Then we decided we hadn't had enough "biggest" things so we went to Wisconsin's largest tourist trap, The House on the Rock. It was full of really creepy dolls and weird collections of things:

It also is home of the world's largest merry go round, which has something like 300 figures, but you can't ride on any of them. You can, however, take very artsy pictures of them as they spin around:

We then saw the world's largest six pack, but didn't get a good enough picture to post, so we'll just tell you.

That's all of the world's largest things that we'll see I think, unless we get surprised by something in our last few states!


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