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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Arizona Holes Tour

So we're back in LA, but first a retrospective of the Arizona Holes Tour we went on the last day of the trip.

Hole #1: Meteor Crater

Long story short, this is a crater made by a meteor. In the middle of the desert. When we went, there were 60 mph gusts of wind, so we couldn't stay outside for very long. Except Christina, who looked like this for the rest of the trip, basically:

Hole #2: Grand Canyon

Even bigger hole; made by river; long time; still windy.

And here is a myspace style self-portrait, if you were concerned that there haven't been enough team-shots on this blog:

After the Holes Tour, we realized that, due to the wind, we couldn't camp or hike in the GC, so we packed up for a quick, eight-hour drive to LA. We saw Fred Flintstone's house:

and flew a kite in Needles, CA:

And once in LA, we went to the Getty Museum to see Tim Hawkinson's new √úberorgan, which was neat:

and then saw my sister graduate from high school!

The End. For now...

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

tiiiiiiiiired blogging

we are in Flagstaff, AZ! Yesterday we were here:

They said on their sign that they had wi-fi, but not enough wi-fi for blogging unfortunately. Yesterday we went from Texas to Santa Fe. There was a huge crazy thunderstorm.

Santa Fe was cute and had lots of nice stores and yummy food. In the morning we went to the Taos Pueblo. Nick learned about it in art history class because the houses match the mountains.

We saw even more Native American ruins in Aztec, NM.

Then we went to 4 states at once.

Arizona looks different than anything we've seen before.

And that brings us here, to our gold room in Flagstaff.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

get your kicks

(this is nick, posting from christina's blogger, because she is too busy watching the totally sweet thunderstorm outside)

So today we left Tulsa and finally joined up with famous Route 66, the Mother Road, the Free Road, America's Main Street, whatever you want to call it. Having been on big interstates so far, it's nice to finally have some scenic two-lane roads.

But before we left Tulsa, we drove by Oral Roberts University, home of the world's largest praying hands (probably).

After a bunch of scenic driving, we ended up in Amarillo, Texas, home of Big Texan Steak Ranch and Motel, where we ate and are staying this very moment.

Here is a Frito Pie (fritos, cheese, chili):

And here is our room (note the saloon swinging doors to the bathroom):

Saturday, June 02, 2007


Nick can't figure out how to connect with his name to blogger anymore so all of the next posts will be from me. MUAHAHAHA.

Today we started out in Memphis and went to Graceland. Elvis was a pretty crazy guy, as many of you know, and his house is full of crazy tacky stuff.

We can never have enough famous people museums, so we went to the Bill Clinton Museum when we got to Little Rock.

Now we are in Tulsa, Oklahoma. A lovely, flat state.

Friday, June 01, 2007


Well we just got here and it's night time so nothing from Memphis yet, but we did see a lot of interesting things in Tennessee today.

The best part was probably finding the Beef Jerky outlet this morning. 200 kinds of jerky!

Then we walked around in Knoxville and had a lovely vegetarian (gasp!) lunch in a trendy part of town. Also we didn't litter.

Then it was on to Nashville where there is live country music in every bar, a bar in every building, and a dog on every horse: