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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Arizona Holes Tour

So we're back in LA, but first a retrospective of the Arizona Holes Tour we went on the last day of the trip.

Hole #1: Meteor Crater

Long story short, this is a crater made by a meteor. In the middle of the desert. When we went, there were 60 mph gusts of wind, so we couldn't stay outside for very long. Except Christina, who looked like this for the rest of the trip, basically:

Hole #2: Grand Canyon

Even bigger hole; made by river; long time; still windy.

And here is a myspace style self-portrait, if you were concerned that there haven't been enough team-shots on this blog:

After the Holes Tour, we realized that, due to the wind, we couldn't camp or hike in the GC, so we packed up for a quick, eight-hour drive to LA. We saw Fred Flintstone's house:

and flew a kite in Needles, CA:

And once in LA, we went to the Getty Museum to see Tim Hawkinson's new Überorgan, which was neat:

and then saw my sister graduate from high school!

The End. For now...


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