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Monday, July 03, 2006

Red States Are Pretty, Part II

What about Yellowstone, you ask? Well here we go.

Yellowstone is a really crazy place. First you're driving through this neat mountainy forest and there are rivers and deer, the usual but then! it starts smelling like rotten eggs, there's steam everywhere, and little boys are falling through the thin crust into hydrothermal active spots!

Regular out west stuff:

(we actually hiked to take that last picture! It's a "natural bridge")


We even walked around in the rain to see some of the fun hydrothermal stuff. Here are the terraced hotsprings, and proof that we were out in the rain and are not total wusses when it comes to nature:

And of course, Old Faithful.

However, Yellowstone doesn't have just nice scenery, it also has BISON!

It also inspired us to feats of culinary magic. yumtastic!

Isn't nature great?


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