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Thursday, June 15, 2006

day 3, in pictures

The campsite that Annie recommended was pretty freakin' scenic. This was sunset at the beach 100 yards from our tent. prettttyyyyyyy

In the morning we went down and looked at the tidepools and saw starfish! amazing! and I touched an anemone in situ for the first time! No more aquarium for me, until I go to the Monterey Bay aquarium with Mike Chan in about an hour.

Then we went to the actual town where Annie Lin is from and had awesome lunch with her. There is this enormous ex-volcanic rock there! And this telescopy thingy doesn't turn far enough for you to see it. bitches.

Then we drove to Hearst Castle to look at rich people's things.

just kidding, that one's Nit Wit Ridge, the "poor man's Hearst Castle" or something.

Anyway, here's real Hearst Castle, pretty freakin' ridiculous.

When we were leaving we didn't listen to the GPS, and instead of getting lost we got the most scenic drive in the whole world and to our destination an hour sooner than we expected!

Then we ate at the restaurant next to THE WORLD'S LARGEST ARTICHOKE. This caused us some campsite problems, but that's for another post.

We also drove through a town that has the same name as my sister, shipyard.


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