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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Day 2!!!

So right now we're in the public library in beautiful San Luis Obispo. We just had fancy lunch at the "best restaurant in town." This morning, however, we went to THE DANISH CAPITAL OF THE USA, Solvang, CA.

It was pretty awesome. I ate a Danish; we walked around the town a little bit, and I just avoided two comma splices.

(Watch out! These links have spoilers for the epic movie I'm about to post of our first two days. Check out the movie first, if you can.)

After that, we were driving back to the US101 when we noticed a peculiar sign on the side of the road.

We buttered the bread and went home. (that was code, so as to still not give away the spoilers)

Then, we went to the Madonna Inn

and peed in a waterfall.

(This is a reenactment, not the original event.)

Stay tuned for the video! (up in a few minutes, as if you actually check our blog that often)


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